Alexander Technique explained:

Alexander Technique is a skill that can be taught to  improve posture, coordination, movement and breathing. It provides an instrumental structure for learning to prevent or eliminate back pain. Alexander technique is about changing habits and behaviours. It teaches how to release stress and excessive tension through a combination of mindfulness and neuro-muscular re-education.

How does it work:

In my Alexander technique session, I will give you an instrumental structure, a ‘go-to-process, a set of skills to apply wherever you are and whatever you might doing.  Sessions involve gentle hands-on supported by personally tailored verbal instructions how you can sit, stand, move and speak without excessive muscular tension. The outcome is learning new ways in coordinating the entire body physically in a calm and energised capacity.

The Alexander Technique is the easiest way to your optimum posture with the least effort!   A skill for life…

How Alexander Technique can help?

  • Unlock hidden tension and discover a more comfortable dynamic upright posture
  • Reduce stress by being less reactive to situations, emotionally and psychologically
  • Find more energy and look younger
  • Be more present and mindful

“After my first  session with Michaela I could feel the huge benefit to my surfing as well as every other aspect of daily life. I now enjoy a new awareness of my body and the surrounding environment, with an improved flexibility, balance, coordination and stamina. I recommend this technique to everybody, it is very easy to adapt it to your normal everyday life.”                         

Elvis Beetham, Surf School Mayo