I am a senior educator and coach with over 20 years’ continuous full-time teaching experience, trained and certified by the American Society for Alexander Technique Teachers in Los Angeles (AmSTAT), membership ATVD Germany, ISATT Ireland and am fully insured.

I am a tutor at The Lir Acting Academy of Dramatic Art at Trinity College, Dublin, where I teach acting students how to develop confidence on stage and in their wider life.

I specialise in the Alexander Technique, a long-established practice which assists an individual to access vitality, freedom, and flow through the knowledge of your body-mind connection framework

This evidence-based coaching method compliments my work as a certified Havening Technique Practitioner. Havening® helps to release traumatic events without going over and over the events which can also be quite traumatising.

The transformation I have experienced myself and witnessed when working with people experiencing fears, phobias, anxiety related issues, trauma, poor childhood relationships and much more, are humbling.

Additional influences on my work includes:

Gabor Mate ‘Wisdom of Trauma’, Polyvagal Theory, Craniosacral Therapy, Peter Levine, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Neurodynamic Breathwork, Vinny Yoga.

“I first discovered the Alexander Technique after several years of having pain in my right hip, which started after I spent working a few years as a nurse. Like many people I had tried physical therapy and other therapies, while it gave short term relief, it didn’t solve the problem. Someone suggested the Alexander Technique might be helpful so I started having lessons.

The Alexander Technique resolved my hip pain but, unexpectedly, I found that it did much more than that. I began to realise that I had spent years existing mostly in my head. The Alexander Technique made me aware of this but also reintroduced me to my whole self. Initially, I was aware of a lot of tension but, through learning to release that tension, I found an increasing ease in life and a greater ability to deal with life’s demands. In addition I really enjoyed the Alexander Technique; I enjoyed learning it and practising it. I also liked that I learned to manage the discomfort myself rather than having to keep visiting a professional to resolve things for me.”

If you have any questions, please do let me know.

My work is always focused on giving my clients independence, confidence and personal success.