Come to my private practise for a 60 min one-to-one session.

This introductory session will high-lite your areas of concern,

what limits you; fixed habit patterns – weather associated with

overwork, excessive tension, poor posture or limiting beliefs about one’s self,

which can interfere how we want to live our life’s. We then look at ways to replace

and improve your condition with ease, flow and moment to moment

adaptability to whatever life brings and we can work from there!

  • Stress Relief                                                                   
  • Finding Ease and Efficiency in Everyday Activities
  • Pain Management Techniques
  • Balance and Mobility
  • Building Presence
  • Breathe and Speak more easily
  • Be calm and confident
  • Guided talk-through audio will be provided. The Alexander Technique is intended to be used at any time during daily activities, therefore no specific exercises are prescribed.

How many lessons you will need:

The number of lessons that people take varies from person to person.  It depends on the reason for which you begin lessons, how quickly you are able to integrate the work and apply it on your own, and what your goals are.  Typically people take weekly lessons for 2-6 months, and begin to see significant benefit after the first one to five lessons.  Some people do a short series of lessons, others make it a life practice.

Cost of a lesson €65                                                 

Packages of 10 lessons at 10 % discount

I am offering a sliding scale to students, seniors and people with special needs.

Constructive Rest

Constructive Rest Illustration: © Becca Ferguson