©Fran Veale

I qualified in 1999 as an Alexander Technique Teacher after a three- year full-time training at the ATI-Los Angeles in California, USA and was certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSTAT). I have 20 years continuous full-time teaching experience, is a member of STAT and ISATT and is fully insured.

From 2006 till 2018 I was the Assistant-Director of the Alexander Technique Training Centre based in Galway. Since 2016 I am the Alexander Technique lead-tutor at the Lir Academy of Dramatic Art at Trinity College Dublin.

I am teaching people in different walks of life to solving harmful habits, eliminate extra effort, tension and strain and to find a sense of ease and freedom in movement – as a foundation for self-care and to avoid injury, in their work and in their lives.

My work is always focused on giving my clients independence, confidence and personal success.

“I first discovered the Alexander Technique after several years of having pain in my right hip, which started after I spent working a few years as a nurse. Like many people I had tried physical therapy and other therapies, while it gave short term relief, it didn’t solve the problem. Someone suggested the Alexander Technique might be helpful so I started having lessons.

The Alexander Technique resolved my hip pain but, unexpectedly, I found that it did much more than that. I began to realise that I had spent years existing mostly in my head. The Alexander Technique made me aware of this but also reintroduced me to my whole self. Initially, I was aware of a lot of tension but, through learning to release that tension, I found an increasing ease in life and a greater ability to deal with life’s demands. In addition I really enjoyed the Alexander Technique; I enjoyed learning it and practising it. I also liked that I learned to manage the discomfort myself rather than having to keep visiting a professional to resolve things for me.”

“Get in touch with me if you like more information or to book a session. I would be delighted to hear from you.”