Alexander Technique Online Lessons


Why is it beneficial to take online Alexander Technique lessons?

The Alexander Technique is meant to be useful in your daily life, your work and craft — an online lesson is a great chance to fine-tune your at home routines and incorporate what we work on at the studio within the space and set-up you have at home or office.

Introductory lesson: Find out about the AT principles and experience how you can put them into practice.

Continuing Study: Online lessons can help you use Alexander Technique when getting to the studio is difficult. For those taking on-going Alexander Technique lessons, practice and feedback are essential for learning. As you take AT into your week, an online session can provide a bridge between in-person lessons.

Commitment to Well-being: Alexander Technique online can help you build a new healthy routine or provide a refresher — helping you gain perspective, reduce the effect of stress and find a reset for your day.

What can we do together online?

We’ll delve into the principles of the Alexander Technique and their application — first to simple movements and daily situations — then to doing the things you care about most. By working in cooperation with your design for movement, we can be a creative, proactive team.

We’ll build your resilience by growing new habits while changing or giving up old ones. During these personalized lessons we can uncover opportunities to be present and integrated with your whole self.

Alexander Technique can be applied to almost any activity:

  • Using computer & phone
  • Reading & writing
  • Home fitness routine: yoga, pilates, weight lifting, and more.
  • Speaking: with a clear voice and whole sense of yourself
  • Presenting or interviewing
  • Housework & organizing chores: avoiding injuries and strains.
  • Morning or evening self care routine: guided active rest

Actors, presenters and performers:

  • Fine-tune your pre-audition warm-up
  • On camera auditions and role preparation
  • Physical character development and embodiment
  • Build confidence: release performance anxiety

We would normally recommend more than one session depending on individual needs. However, you can prebook for one or more sessions see cart options below which includes discounts for multiple sessions.

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Additional information

Length of Session

45 minute, 60 minute