Do you spend 8-10 hours sitting at your working desk daily? This can lead to neck and upper back problems, stress and so much more.

I can help:   Evaluate  Instruct  Improve


Services I provide:
  • Identifying how your sitting posture is harming you and helping you to improve this.
  • Techniques, skills you can implement instantly. Sessions with me offer take-home learning and skills for life.
  • Stress reduction and improved sleep
  • Emotional well being


Packages Available:

  • “Lunch & Learn”  one hour sessions in house over a 4 – 6 week duration to build long-term skills (max 14)
  • One hour “Lunch & Learn” presentation offering simple, practical tools to develop more ease and release stresses (max size: full company)
  • Small group class on special topic with hands-on coaching (max size 14)
  • 30-minute workstation tune-ups, offering guidance on ergonomic set-up and postural coaching (by sign up, billed per hour) 
  • One-to-one lessons in the Alexander Technique, starter package of 6 lessons or full course of 24* (offered on or off-site, reimbursed by employer) 

I provide in-house service, coming directly to your company and providing all tools necessary.


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Optimal Posture

Alexander Technique is an educational method which teaches tools of body awareness and improved coordination of movement.

 Optimum Performance

AT has been taught in settings from music & drama conservatories such as the Lir Academy of Dramatic Art in Trinity College, RADA London, Julliard and the Yale School of Drama to companies such as Google, Twitter, Link to boost performance and prevent injury.

Stress Management

Resetting movement and postural patterns positively affects emotional well being & facilitates greater ease under pressure.

Posture represents both physical and emotional well-being. Weather we tend to slump and compress ourselves or tend to be inflexible and tense – self awareness and knowing what creates these imbalances is the first step to postural improvement and more ease.

You might already have a standing desk, had an ergonomic evaluation, love to exercise and meditate, but you are still experiencing pain in your body.


Find out what is going on and learn to prevent it.

Skeletal misalignment when interacting with computers and other gadgets is the #1 reason for postural strain repetitive stress injuries (RSI) and pain in the workplace. The Alexander Technique offers unique and empowering insights and skills to prevent tension and fatigue, while at the same time supporting improved awareness for performance, breath, balance and posture.




Watch what’s happening with your muscles when you sitting all day: